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Welcome to your accredited Teaching English to Young Learners Module.

This Teach TEFL Module will prepare you well for becoming a competent and effective young learner teacher.

1. Accreditation

We are delighted that our Module has been accredited as a high-quality Module by ACCREDITAT (www.accreditat.com), a leading independent accreditation body. Their accreditation confirms that our Module, our tutors, our assessment instruments and our company processes and procedures are all high quality and are fully geared to helping you succeed.

2. British/American English

You may or may not be aware of some differences between British English and American English. It’s not that one variation is better or superior to the other. It’s just the way it is. This Module is written in British English.

Often, the focus is on differences in nouns, the names of things. British native speakers of English talk of pavements, petrol stations or garages, and trousers whereas American native speakers of English talk of sidewalks, gas stations and pants, respectively.

Or it could be spellings. For example, in British English, almost all words that end in ise are spelt with ize in American English, e.g. realise/realize.

But some grammar differences also occur. There aren’t that many. Here are a few examples that generally occur:

British English American English

Tense – when an action is taking place Tense – when an action is taking place

I don’t feel so good. I’ve eaten too much. I don’t feel so good. I ate too much

I’ve got it. I’ve gotten it

Collective nouns – e.g. groups of people Collective nouns – e.g. groups of people

My team is/are leading. My team is leading.

The key point is that in this Module you may see some word or grammatical structure that doesn’t seem quite right to you or seems wrong. It’s probably because of the differences between British and American English.

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